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Why I’d rather not join your Facebook group « Ted's Polish-Mexican Page

Why I’d rather not join your Facebook group

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Published on: August 5, 2014

I got two invites in a row to a Democratic Facebook group the other day. They were from the same guy. Apparently, my initial refusal had to be some sort of mistake.

No, it was quite intentional.

Despite my previous vocation as a political blogger, I don’t feel the need to join a dozen political Facebook groups to express my activism. One or two will do, thank you.

Here is the problem: there is a raft of Facebook groups for activists and others interested in Arizona Democratic politics. They all seem to be dominated by the same group of four or five posters.

I went through a purge of my Facebook memberships about a year ago. I did it because I noticed that my newsfeed was getting “roadblocked” by a couple of people.

By the way, I don’t know if “roadblock” is actually a term of art or not. I use it to mean one user who posts several times in a row, so that your reading your feed on Facebook, Twitter, Tribe.net or whatever means a slog through posts from one “friend.”

This roadblocking was all the more irritating because it would be one person posting the same article to several groups they were a part of. Yes: Bob Boran posted an article to Lively Democratic Arizonans…Bob Boran posted an article to New Arizona Democracy…Bob Boran posted an article to Angry Arizona Activists…the same article from Huffington Post about why Paul Ryan is a bozo or, perhaps, that Upworthy video with Bernie Sanders.

I’ve knocked myself down to two Democratic groups, a labor oriented group and, despite my aging out nearly a decade ago, Young Democrats. The labor group seems the more “pure:” posts are actually about labor issues once in a while. The Young Democrats group seems little used by actual members of the Arizona Young Democrats; the two most frequent appearances on the current feed are two men in their late forties. No big surprise: their posts have little to do with YDA activity or youth issues and are the same things they posted elsewhere.

The problem comes down to activists who want so much to get the word out about whatever is outraging them that day. For instance: “I’m posting this latest Koch brothers outrage to the group Democratic Arizonans! But wait, the people on Green Eyed Arizona Democrats need to know too! And then…” You see what can happen, right? Soon you’ve posted to sixteen groups, all of which have the same members. By the way, the reason all of them have the same membership comes from the related impulse of not wanting to miss out.

There is a place for Facebook as an organizing tool. There have been events and activities that I’ve become a part of because of a notice or invitation on Facebook. I wonder how many I’ve missed, however, because it gets buried under endless posts about something stupid that Michelle Bachmann said.

And don’t get me started on people who insist on adding me to groups without asking.

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

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