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The Dubious Honor of Being Someone’s Hobby « Ted's Polish-Mexican Page

The Dubious Honor of Being Someone’s Hobby

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Published on: November 7, 2014

I spouted off on that darned Rum, Romanism and Rebellion blog for nearly eight years. The thing that was most shocking was despite everything, I actually earned the respect of a couple of Republican readers.

Weird, eh?

200px-D&DTrollsI also had my share of…um…special commentators. For some reason, I only earned one comment from notorious anonymous poster and soon to be ex-elected official John Huppenthal. There was one local jackass who posted a threat to a city judge, a son of a state official who didn’t quite get that I was not my brother and a guy who has been engaged in low level stalking of a friend of mine off and on for about seven years. Even with all that, I only banned one guy from commenting.

I’ll leave his name out of it.

Internet comment sections are notorious for how quickly they descend into ridiculousness. Changing the way comments worked on my blog back in the Blogspot days was so controversial that I actually got a mention in the Tucson Citizen. If I had it to do over again, I’d ditch the comment section entirely.

That said, I did okay. No rape threats (probably because I have no uterus) and for the most part even the Republicans that posted just wanted to make their point and move on. This guy, the one I banned, would comment just to throw his feces around. I wanted to ignore it, but my liberal friends wanted to engage him. Things would pretty quickly descend into stupidity.

Finally, I realized that he was rarely addressing what what was in the post so probably not interested in conversing. So I quietly blocked him.

It wasn’t long after that that I got my current job and stopped blogging over there. He posted here once to complain that I banned him. I haven’t heard from the guy until this week.

He sent me a Tweet gloating about the election. Okay, whatever. Well, now he’s sent me another Tweet. I don’t know if it will develop into anything.

This is the most minor of irritations. What’s weird is, I don’t know who the hell the guy is. Apparently, he felt “violated” by my opinions (his word) and thought I should be “damned.” All I know about this friendly gentleman is that he lives in Tempe or Phoenix and claims that we went drinking together once (which is further evidence that we never met.) Why he bothers, especially now that I’m not blogging, I don’t know.

There were folks, Republican and otherwise, that wanted to discuss, then there were those that wanted to throw mashed potatoes and carrots. I’d get two kinds of food fighters who would post on R-Cubed: the stereotypical “pajamas in the basement” types for whom this is the only form of political activity and professional operatives or activists who, for some reason, would take time out of their schedules of doing actual political work to tell me what a big poopy head I am. By the way, this is a non-partisan characterization. I had plenty of lefties and one “radical centrist” that were just as bad.

My trouble was that most comments, far from being actual engagement, were an exercise in…God…who knows? Insulting the writer of a political blog has as much to do with political engagement as yelling “Yankees suck!” while sitting on your couch has to do with playing baseball.

Like I said, I don’t have any idea who this guy is and what his motivations are. Two Tweets in a week likely don’t constitute a pattern, and I’m really not that concerned if he keeps on with it. It’s more a waste of his time than mine. Why folks get themselves all riled up to do this sort of thing is beyond me.

One thing I do know: I know that there is a part of me that is a bit healthier now that I don’t do regular diatribes.

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

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