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Sand Winders…Side Rubies…Um…What? « Ted's Polish-Mexican Page

Sand Winders…Side Rubies…Um…What?

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Published on: August 26, 2007

Spoke to Rich Hopkins the other night. The man is enthused about the new album by the Sidewinders. Enthused may be the wrong word…amped…giddy…near orgasmic…

Oh, you noticed I said “Sidewinders”?

“Ted, you silly person, they haven’t called themselves that in well over a decade, when they changed their name to the Sand Rubies. What the hell is your problem, Ted? Have you checked the calendar, it isn’t 1989 anymore! Sheesh.”

Au contraire, I used the moniker Sidewinders on purpose. Long time Tucson music fanatics may remember that The band was called the Sidewinders until they were sued in 1993 by some lame ass cover band in the Carolinas called Sidewinder. Since they also were undergoing a label change, and the new label figured that it was easier to have a new name to promote than deal with the legal hassles. So, they became the Sand Rubies. It was hard for them to keep the following they developed under the old name (Yes, doubters, they had a following. One has to remember, on their first big tour, Pearl Jam opened for them), the personality issues within the band didn’t help, and they fell apart.

(Real Tucson music old farts would point out that they were the 700 Club before the Sidewinders. One wonders what legal issues that would have caused.)

They have reunited a few times, and they decided to record again. To talk to Rich, their attitude was “What the heck?” and they are now going to perform and record under the name Sidewinders. I think most of us kept calling them that anyway.

Oh, so Rich tells me that the new album will be out soon. Rich actually said “record,” that is so quaint! I’m expecting a lot. For one, I have memorized the lyrics to “Doesn’t Anyone Believe” and “We Don’t Do That Anymore.” I think I actually know the lyrics better than Dave Slutes does. It is nice to hear them play some new stuff.

Also, those of you that saw High and Dry a few years back saw that Rich and Dave were singing each other’s praises. Rich claiming that Dave was a better vocalist and writer than in the old days, Dave claiming that Rich was a better guitarist and writer than in the old days. Well, good. Let’s see some proof!

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

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