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Kanye and Such

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Published on: February 11, 2015

I was sort of hoping that this whole Kanye West/Beck/Beyonce thing would have blown over by now. The Twitter and Facebook conversations on the matter has once again made me think that this whole Western Civilization thing is a failed experiment.

The worshipful defenses of Beyonce made me wonder if there may actually be a Beygency trying to ferret out those that aren’t properly paying tribute. The worst of it smacked of the trash talking Justin Bieber fans threw at Esperanza Spalding when she beat him for Best New Artist in 2011.

Oh, but don’t think Beck’s defenders are off the hook. I saw a bit of white-boy-rockerism in the defense that Beck is the true craftsman, unmotivated by commercial considerations, where Beyonce is a pre-fab construction of a team of A&R men. Give me a break. Beck isn’t exactly eating cat food, and Beyonce has made it pretty obvious that her artistic decisions are her own.

Also, I wonder how many of the people who jumped to Beck’s defense were even aware he had an album out last year, or if this was just a handy way to complain about Kanye West (an easy target) and Beyonce.

So, if you add this together with his previous silliness with Taylor Swift, I gotta ask, does Kanye West think that Beyonce deserves every award? I half expect him to show up at the next Tammies. “Yo, Gabe Sullivan, I gonna let you finish…”

Built into both of the Beck and Swift rants is his notion that the two were undeserving of an honor. He wants Beyonce to be respected, but apparently doesn’t think that anyone else should be. When he says that Beck won as opposed to a “true artist,” he’s basically saying Beck isn’t an artist.

By the way, it seems like West’s friend John Legend agrees with me. Smart man. He’ll go places.

Secondly, why the heck does West think Beyonce needs him to defend her? Even if he has some sort of patriarchal notion about the world, has he noticed that her own husband doesn’t pull these sorts of stunts on her behalf? I bet it’s because Jay Z knows that Beyonce can stick up for herself when she needs to. Maybe West ought to get the hint.

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

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