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Jesús Acedo « Ted's Polish-Mexican Page

Jesús Acedo

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Published on: March 5, 2013

Jesus AcedoI learned of the death of long time local musician Jesús Acedo yesterday.

Jesús is a familiar name for those of us who remember a Tucson scene pre-Calexico. His band, the Black Sun Ensemble was often incomprehensible. But it didn’t matter. You sat there and took it in, because after a while you’d realize how beautiful and brilliant what you were listening to was.

Jesús described his own music in one interview as “middle-eastern psychadelic rock.” You can believe that or just give it a listen.

The Black Sun Ensemble got written up in Rolling Stone and opened for Camper Van Beethoven on tour back in ’89.

That particular tour led to one of the more storied incidents in that period of Tucson rock when fellow ensembleer Odin Helgison was taken into custody along with one of Paul McCartney’s daughters.

Ah, the good old days.

Jesús dealt with mental illness for most of the last decades of his life. I don’t know how he passed away, but I can’t help wondering if it was related to the hurricane that raged in his head.

Rich Hopkins told me once that he burned tapes of a recording his band had completed because he thought they were possessed by demons. I’ve had friends who tell me that his brilliance was because of the illness, but I gotta wonder how often it got in the way too.

At one point, he took to calling himself Jesús Ángel de la Paz. Maybe now he’s found some of that peace.

About a year or two ago, I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch downtown. My friend cancelled. I was walking back to my car and saw Jesús. He said hi and wanted to tell me how good the donuts were at the place he was living. He wanted to know what I was doing.

“So, you missed lunch?”

He wandered off. I continued my walk. I was far away from my car, so he caught up to me. He gave me a donut. I can’t imagine the guy had very much at that point to be offering me food.

Some people talk about the mentally ill as having “troubled souls.” His soul seemed to be just fine.

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

  1. Erewyn says:

    Lost is not the same as troubled. RIP.

  2. Cher says:

    I remember the incident that chuck ‘Odin’ & Heather Mcartney were arrested.She’s a rather unique one herself. But hearing that Jesus was found deceaced, I also had to wonder how he died. I wish him the best on his other worldly travels and that he can find that peace that he craves. Cher Nobyl

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