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Tammany Hall

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Published on: July 31, 2016

IMG_20160730_181116I’ve been looking at this copy of Tammany Hall on the shelf at Heroes and Villains for a while and I finally broke down and bought it. The rules are relatively simple, and the game ends after sixteen turns. And yes, this game uses Meeples because they all do these days. These Meeples have little hats because they are “ward bosses.” You will note by looking at the board that all but one of my brown “ward bosses” had been taken out. People came at me hard. I’m like, why? I BOUGHT THE DARNED GAME!

The rules are designed to encourage deal making. For example, one player is elected mayor and doles out other offices. We were still new enough to the rules that there wasn’t a lot of deal making, but plenty of backstabbing. Favorite part: you can “slander” a ward boss to take him out of the game.

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

Moment of Geek

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Published on: June 11, 2013

Dr_Nik_Happy_Fun_Rules-1I was poking around for more FATE rules when I ran across Dr. Nik’s Happy Fun Rules, a variant for FUDGE.

Dr. Nik (if that is his real name…) takes full advantage of the fact that FUDGE allows you to create your own attributes. His theory: if attributes can be customized from campaign to campaign, why not from character to character? The stats that we have come to expect from not just FUDGE but just about any RPG are accompanied by one called “Archetype.” You can basically assign one of your stats to be how good you are at your job: cowboy, jaguar knight or phlebotomist.

It gets rid of the need for extensive skill lists, but players can still purchase skills outside of the attributes if they wish.

The two nicest things about it: it is seven pages long and free. You can download it here.

PaNik Productions: How about some free FUDGE?

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

Trying Out FUDGE

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Published on: December 23, 2012

Fudge logoI downloaded the rules to FUDGE a while ago, round about the time I purchased Spirit of the Century. I liked Spirit of the Century, I just didn’t get much of a chance to play it.

Friday was the first time my brother had a chance to actually run FUDGE. I showed him the FUDGE rules a while back when he talked about wanting to run a game using the Villains and Vigilantes rules (yes, he still likes those). His first instinct was to complain that some aspect here and there wasn’t covered. I pointed out to him that the rules were pretty open and he could do just about what he wanted.

What I like about the FUDGE rules is that they are pretty easy to customize. I threw together some Aztec rules a while ago, and I included a Tonalli attribute. In theory, you can do this kind of thing with any set of rules, but the system is so open that you don’t have to worry about how to make it work or that somehow you’ll unbalance things. In fact, the system encourages a game master to be creative.

The simple “opposed action” resolution system is nice too. They apply the same system to combat, which probably won’t appeal to the crowd that wants the rules to cover the precise difference between damage from a .32 and a .44 round or want to tell you that their katana is totally different than a long sword, but it seems to work just fine.

I’ve always wondered about those guys, by the way.

Tom found set of superhero rules for FUDGE called Marvelous Superheroes. The game was put together a couple of years ago by a guy named Eddie Webb, who decided to stop work on it after Icons came out.

I haven’t seen Icons, but what’s nice about Eddie’s game is that it actually seemed to be put together by a guy that appreciates super hero comics. Back in the 80’s when everyone was trying to make a super hero game, actual familiarity with the conventions of your typical comic wasn’t a qualification. Neither was playability. Ever try to play Heroes Unlimited?

To save the player’s time, Tom wanted to have pre-made characters, all taken from rather obscure golden and silver age Marvel and Atlas comics. He didn’t quite know how character creation worked, so he wanted me to make one and show it to him. Since we weren’t being original anyway, I made an obscure Steve Ditko character: The Screamer. The Screamer was a guy with an armored suit that looked like one of those M. C. Escher rolpens. He could do the curling up to, using that trait of his armor in his one appearance to bowl over a group of neanderthal marauders that had invaded his city.

We had a decent group for the first time running things. I would have liked the mystery that we got involved in to be a bit more complicated. Still, it worked out.

I have a campaign I put together for FATE, which uses the same system as FUDGE but character creation is different. I guess I’m free to run that now. I have the funny dice.

20121223-095845.jpgFor my other geek game nights, I posted the damage done. This wasn’t a drinking crowd. The only beer had actually been drunk by James, who couldn’t stay but regaled us with tales of Hollywood.

Damage done:

  • Dos Equis Lager Especial: 1
  • Bundaberg Lemon Lime & Bitters: 2
  • Cock and Bull Ginger Beer: 2
  • Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer: 1
  • Snake River Sasaparila: 1

Do zobaczenia. Hasta la proxima.

Damage Last Night

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Published on: November 13, 2010

Geek Game Night was last night at my house, and most of the usual crew showed up (no Eric Lybeck, which left my Neapolitans without a possible valuable ally), plus the addition of Blake Morloch, late of the Tucson Citizen, anc Curtis Dutiel.

Also, we had four “observers,” go figure. And as usual, Caitlin Jensen won. She did that with Florence, usually the weakest country on the map.

On to the survey of what “damage” was done:

1554 Enlightened Black Ale – 6 Bottles
A-1 Pilsner – 6 Bottles
Alaskan Amber – 3 Bottles
Bohemia Clásica – 1 Bottle
Boylan’s Black Black Cherry Soda – 2 Bottles
Cock n’ Bull – 1 Bottle
Dos Equis Lager Especial – 4 Bottles
Guiness Extra Stout – 1 Bottle
Okocim O.K. Beer – 2 Bottles
Pacifico Clara – 1 Bottle
Samuel Adams Boston Lager – 1 Bottle
Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale – 1 Bottle
Tecate – 6 Bottles
Żywiec – 2 Bottles

In addition, a bag of Tostitos and popcorn was ripped through far quicker than I had imagined. Note to self…more snacks next time.

The Carnage

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Published on: February 14, 2009

Geek Game night went longer than I expected (and Caitlin won, again). Because we had a full house, and it went so long, here is the total of what was consumed:

  • Cock and Bull – 2
  • Cucapá – 1
  • Dos Equis – 7
  • Harnaś – 2
  • Kopernik – 2
  • RC Cola – 2
  • Virgil’s – 1
  • Żywiec (Original) – 3
  • Żywiec (Porter) – 1

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

Where I Finally Learn My Lesson

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Published on: November 30, 2008

So, I’ve been trying to start this tradition of “Political Geek Game Night.” That can be read as “Political geeks having a game night” or “Political types playing geeky games” or “Geeky games that can be considered political.” You know.

Anyhow, I was hoping for a game of Machiavelli or possibly Road to the White House. Instead, I let my brother cajole me into having folks play Illuminatti. The rule should be “My House, My Game,” but no, I had to be a push over.

As I have done for the more than two decades of playing the game, I played the Servants of Cthulhu. This owes to my affection for the works of H. P. Lovecraft, and, I have finally concluded, little to do with an appreciation for the strategies of the game.

You see, the Servants of Cthulhu have a “special” victory condition that involves them destroying groups. This is probably the showiest of the victory conditions. The Discordian Society controls another “Weird” group that no one wants anyway, who notices? The Servants of Cthulhu try to destroy California? Everyone notices and goes after you.

I was out to destroy a second group (I needed to destroy eight) and sure enough, everyone wants to stop me. Bear in mind: they all were closer to winning than I was.

Next time, I’m playing The Network. Enough of this BS.

Those of you that have played Illuminatti before know that every game there is some sort of action that makes you giggle for it’s conspiratorial beauty. For this game that attack was the CIA with the backing of Big Media attacking to destroy Christmas. Bill O’Reilly would be having a conniption, but how would you tell?

It would have worked too, but the Bavarian Illuminatti ruined it.

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

Gary Gygax

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Published on: March 4, 2008

It was only yesterday that I made a Gary Gygax reference on my other blog. Turns out that this morning he died.

The man’s work all but guaranteed that I didn’t meet any girls during my high school years.

Somewhere in a box is a letter that my brother wrote to Gygax. We were both confused by the magic system in the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Gygax sent back a reply, written on the back of the original letter.

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

Boring Week

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Published on: September 13, 2007

I am supposed to have something to write. My responsibility as a blogger. What do you do when you have nothing to write though?

I picked up a game called Justinian. It was over at Game Daze for 20% off. Maybe that should have warned me off. The rule book is four pages in small print, but it didn’t take me long to explain it to one of my students. Then he went on to almost beat me. Almost. I’m supposed to meet Eric Lybeck tonight to try it again. We’ll see how it goes.

I saw an ad for the KIIM Country Music Festival. The ad starts with Max attempting to play “Courtesy the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)” before being interrupted by Shannon. Oh, those morning DJs, so whacky. Where was the Porkchop?

Anyhow, Max and Shannon proceed to tell us about the KIIM Country Music Festival featuring country music “legends.” Who are these legends? Conway Twitty? Alabama? Loretta Lynn?

Nope. Clay Walker and Neal McCoy. This is what qualifies as “legends” in country music these days. Next up: KFMA features punk legends Sum 41, and KUAZ features jazz legends Rudder.

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

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